Berhan Soylu

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I have graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Computer Engineering Department with a BSc and after a MSc degree from same department.

I've started my career as a software engineer and worked so on institutionalizing, medical equipment R&D, digital advertisement agencies, digital start-ups as team leader, project management, tech leader, etc.

After, I've started to gain desire about digital campaigns, copywriting and crafting events. This derives me to change my goal and pushed me to add some other perks to my software craftsmanship.

Then the journey began.

Things I Can Do

If you need some assistance about brillant events, finding new ideas, making some connections and also:

  • Giving life to digital ideas
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Drink coffee and brainstorming
  • E-Commerce Consulting
  • Planning and producing ATL/BTL activities

A Few Accomplishments

Those are some of the projects that I attanded and turned tide

Altin Elbiseli Adam (a.k.a Man in the Golden Suit)

The channel is now going institutional. It has regular income and producing content regularly. It's an admiring brand now.
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Bundle The World

I took role as a software architect and also coded some features of the app "Bundle News". It was a great period of my life being in a start-up.
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Chamber's of Computer Engineering

Bimo is associated with Turkish constituion and it has rights to make engineering in software or computer sciences helpful for the public. I'm a charter member.

Contact Me

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Brand&Technology Manager, WildSprocket GmbH

Istanbul/Stuttgart - 01/2018 - 08/2018

WildSprocket pumps cutting edge technology and design talent into the gear, which is manufactured in Turkey according to the highest standards of textile production. Brand's perfectionist attitude means it's continuously researching, tweaking, and innovating, and it takes special pride in the fact that we personally test and examine all of products, channeling it's experiences and passion for Enduro/MX into the process.

As a tech and brand manager, my duty is setting up and manage the whole digital process from scratch like e-commerce, stock&inventory keeping of a production office in digital, digital marketing strategy, business strategy and whatever needs a new EU company in growth progress.

Software Project Manager, Clockwork

Istanbul - 01/2017 - 01/2018

KRTLYVS ( is the merchandising of the biggest sports team in TURKEY. As a project manager, I plan, implement, monitor and control the phases of the e-commerce site. Addition to the techy part, consulting to the digital marketing side of the project and being a central comm. hub is one of my duty. is a Microsoft Technology based e-commerce web site and have integrations between stock, accounting and logistics management systems. And it also have 3M pageviews/month all over the world.

Marketing Consultant and Tech Manager, Altin Elbiseli Adam

Istanbul, 06/2013 - 08/2016

As Marketing consultant and so on in 02/2016 as manager at Altin Elbiseli Adam company, which is the number one motorcycle YouTube channel (See in Turkey, I have created collaboration projects (events, digital assets, ATL/BTL projects) with global and local brands such as Sony Eurasia, Yamaha Motor Company Turkey, Honda Turkey, MotoBike Expo&Messe Frankfurt.

As Tech Manager, building a community and user interaction process via web page, social/mobile apps in very different target groups. Overseeing content creation process for the video experience quality. Altin Elbiseli Adam YouTube channel has over 150k subscribers and also it has partnership with YouTube with MCN privileges.

Lead Engineer & Arcitect, Bundle App

Istanbul, 12/2013 - 02/2016

Bundle delivers global and local news to its users in sports, economy or any other category they want from the most trusted 4000+ sources continuously. Has a seamless stream of content such as hot topics, articles, photo galleries on your mobile devices. Includes multitasking and extremely complicated structure that can handle a push notification which sent to 100k users only with 2 instances. Bundle servers are located at Amazon WS. (See

UI Engineer & UX,

Istanbul, 07/2013 - 11/2013

Developing user interface part of the e-commerce site and taking care of success of the user experience via A/B tests, user tests for conversion rate as a goal.

Software PM & Architect, MediaSona

Istanbul, 07/2012 - 07/2013

Managing and developing web applications such as Facebook Apps/Games, Microsites and web sites to PayPal, DYO,, etc...

Web Developer, Mobilera

Istanbul, 02/2012 - 06/2012

Developing web applications such as corporate web sites/portals and Facebook canvas applications to Ulker, Unilever, etc...

Server-Side Developer & IT Manager, C-Section

Istanbul, 11/2009 - 02/2012

Developing server-side and client-side codes of the web sites with ASP.Net. Usage of MsSQL. Knowledge of Savvis Datacenter procedures via The Coca-Cola Company websites. Some Facebook applications and worked brands for Vodafone, Efes Pilsen, Arcelik companies web sites.

Software Engineer, BT Products

Izmir, 10/2008-11/2009

R&D of an Hematology Analyzer (Made in first in Turkey), and developing it's Software and IT Manager

Software Engineer, Petkim Petrochemical Inc.

Izmir, 09/2006-09/2008

First contact to understanting and analyzing needs for internal projects and making of a Corporate Portal(IBM Websphere Portal). Business Intelligence and Reporting (Oracle Hyperion), Corporate Data Warehouse


T.C. Dokuz Eylul University, 2006-2009, MSc Computer Engineer

Thesis Title: Course Management System Using Moodle in Distance Learning

T.C. Dokuz Eylul University, 2001-2006, BSc Computer Engineer

Thesis Title: GUIDE(A Graphical User Interface Methodology)


  • Programming Languages and Environments
    • Object Oriented Languages: C#, Java
    • Web Developing: ASP.NET, MVC, Jsp
  • Business Intelligence / Reporting: Oracle Hyperion
  • Other PL: C/C++, Assembler(NASM,MASM), VHDL
  • Enterprise: IBM Websphere Portal, IBM Wps Portal Document Manager, IBM Wps Portal Web Content M.
  • Developing Environments: Microsoft Visual Studio, IBM Rational Application Dev
  • DBMS: MS SQL Server, MySQL(Basic), DB2(Basic)
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  • Digital Strategy Development and Integration
    (Selected accomplishment: Yamaha Motor Company Turkey 2015-2016 Digital Strategy)
  • Product Positioning and Branding
    (Selected accomplishment: Evans Waterless Coolants Turkey Branding Activities)
  • Planning and Producing ATL/BTL Activities
    (Selected accomplishments: McDonald's Drive Safe Booklet and Video Project)
  • Online Reputation Management
    (Selected: Altin Elbiseli Adam Brand)
  • PR Management
    (Selected: Altin Elbiseli Adam Brand)
  • Media Management
    • Digital Asset Management
      (Web Sites/Facebook App/Mobile App etc.)(Selected: Altin Elbiseli Adam Web Site, Bundle App)
    • Digital and Print Content Development
      (Selected: AEA content production)
    • Social Media/Communication Management(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
    • Producing Creative Presentation Videos and Slides
  • Event Planning
    (Selected Accomplishment: Honda Africa Twin Owner's Off-Road Training)